CHALLENGE: Create the first ever Grammy Awards app. Tasked to work with Chiat Day's style guide and come up with a way to make an app that would get record numbers for participation with the app while watching the 54th Grammy Awards, and do it all in only two months.

PROCESS: Ideate an app that will be socially integrated coordinate with actors and crew to use user selectable cameras so they could view various areas where celebrities would be engaged in Grammy activities, like photo ops, interviews, walking the red carpet and backstage. Also, have stars interact via social media with the user of the app. I created logo's, icons, wireframes, color treatment and the featured background image design. 

RESULTS: The Grammy Awards app was number one in the app store, It received more social mentions than the super bowl that year and had thirty-seven million impressions, and over thirteen million social mentions, breaking all records in 
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