Matthew McLemore painted this interpretation of the effects of the church its stand on birth control and how this relates to overpopulation on a global scale. Growing up the son of a Seventh-Day Adventist Minister focusing on the book of Revelations had a strong influence  There are only two pieces left having lost the rest of the series in a garage fire many years ago. This piece took five months to  create and is acrylic on foam core 4'x4' The original painting was 4'x7' but the top of the painting depicting a space scene was severely damaged and Matthew cut the painting to include the lower scene. This one of kind piece was created in the summer of 1994 the year before Matthew went to art school and began his formal training.
Experimenting with Light. Oil Pastel on color textured paper.
Experiment in light underwater reflections. White chalk on black paper.
Experiment rendering with markers. A school project using Prismacolor markers on marker paper. Only markers were used in creating this 8"x10" piece using a fashion magazine ad for the subject.
Experiment in stone sculpture. Hand carved in rose quartz a very fragile stone. A first for Matthew McLemore. "This was a challenging piece only 10" long and incomplete.
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