CHALLENGE: CES is right around the corner. I have been tasked to ideate the interactive user experience introducing CES attendees to the various sound technologies and systems DTS wants to introduce at the conference. All this and the trade show was less than two months away. My timeline is no more than two weeks. In that time I would need to brainstorm something amazing and complete all the wireframes so we could get them over to the designer who would be designing the UI.  The UI Designer would then need to complete the UI with enough time for our development team to build what we came pulled out of the box. We would need to test and send the booth specs to the build team who would make the props for whatever I dreamed up. This project would be no easy task and had the unique challenge of somehow getting users to understand that our massive touchscreen displays were interactive and not just simple televisions. 

PROCESS: Working closely with the team from DTS and the UI designer to understand how the complex sound technology and custom tuning for each actually functioned in both home surround systems and headphones. With our heads wrapped around this information, I asked the UI Designer to join me in a brainstorming session where we made incredible progress defining the majority of what we needed to do in two days. We would need to dial in some of the details, but the user journey was complete. We decided to use the monitor and an animated hand that would interact with the various applications for each large touch screen display encouraging attendees to take over. We also had each learning session loop to make sure viewers would get the complete message even if they didn't interact at all. I used OmniGraffle to rapidly wireframe and annotate our plan for each of the products DTS would be showing. 

RESULTS: DTS was thrilled. Everything went off without a hitch, and the presentations were a much talked about the experience at CES, receiving lots of media attention and putting smiles on the faces of the impressed attendees at the tech event. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Completely stoked that we pulled this off in such a short amount of time I admit this was one of the most challenging projects I have had the joy to solve. I can't wait till CES 2016.

Brainstorming began on sheets of paper and was iterated onto larger easel paper to be presented to the Executives and engeneers from DTS Sound.
Using OmniGraffle to create wireframes I annotated the entire process for all the products that would be displayed and introduced at CES.
The futuristic designs put together By the UI designer Look fantastic When completedAnd were immediately sent to the developers to program the applications After we presented them and got the approval from DTS.
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